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Direct Marketing


Gunsafe.jpg Classic E-Blast

Using the Classic E-Blast distribution system for our client Gun Safe, Classic Communications sent a mini press kit containing links to three media releases, supported with photography, to over 3,900 outdoor, law enforcement, firearm and outdoor lifestyle media across North America. This promotional campaign resulted in a flurry of activity on the Client's website along with a dramatic increase in sales. The reports shown here represent the actual journalists who opened the email as well as those who clicked through to the Client website. Tracking "opens" ‘and "click-throughs" provides the Classic staff with a "hot list" of journalists to contact for future product placement.

This system is also highly effective for newsletter distribution. It allows client companies to see which recipients opened the email and which ones took action on links included in the Classic E-Blast.

Wire Releases

Used under the appropriate circumstances, wire releases provide mass exposure to hundreds of news services, media outlets and major media outlets—such as Forbes and The Wall Street Journal—that could pick up the release as regular editorial content. The most valuable results of a wire release are found online with the Internet propagation the releases create for customer online searches.

Classic Communications embeds its Client’s releases with key search term phrases and hot points to assure the highest rankings for our Clients. Wire releases can include logos, photos, expert links, even video sent to local, regional or national media in specific markets.




PR for Lead Generation

Fapco packaging was looking for ways to increase sales and market share for its fulfillment and packaging operations. They turned to Classic Communications for a solution. The recommended program was a series of Classic E-Blasts to targeted companies. Classic worked with Fapco leadership to determine the ideal criteria for prospect companies. Classic used its extensive experience in list building to develop a target list of niche companies that would be ideal candidates for their services. The E-Blasts were sent at regular intervals throughout the year.

The leads generated were provided to Fapco’s sales team for follow up. This method of lead generation is much more effective and less costly than direct mail or traditional advertising.

Hi-Tech Solution to Parts Sales

BluDot brake systems a Tier-two brake parts kitting and assembler to trailer manufacturers, needed to communicate its parts and ordering system innovations to current and potential customers. Classic Communications took on the task. Classic’s solution was to create a parts database guide online and on CD. A “brake finder” online helped guide the specifying design engineer through the brake parts and assembly selection process. To have a piece with the most impact for the least expense, folders were printed in bulk and then the CD’s were inserted into the package.

To support sales efforts public relations and display advertising were used to effectively build demand and drive engineers to the site.







Direct mail for Casino Resorts

In addition to handling all of the pre-launch advertising, marketing and public relations for Running Creek Casino in Upper Lake, California, Classic continued to help them market their property after construction was complete and the property was open to the public. Each month, tiered and targeted direct mail pieces with monthly offers were mailed to existing and potential customers to help grow property revenue and increase traffic through the front door.

Classic also has experience in direct mail publications, such as Destination Magazine, a quarterly casino publication that went out to more than 300,000 existing and prospective players in Northern California for Cache Creek Casino Resort.