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Lippert Components, Inc. - Directory & Yearly Report, Newsletters

RV industry giant LCI wanted to re-launch their company newsletter and also provide their quickly growing company's employees with information about their new divisions, acquisitions and management team. The 20-page publication also served as an annual report and directory of all their plants nationwide. Classic was able to work all of these client asks into a beautiful magazine format that was entertaining and informatiove.

Classic also produced a newsletter for LCIs Mobile Outfitters aftermarket division to introduce their products and sales team.

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Texan Travel Trailers - Brochures

When a top-five RV manufacturer needed a custom brochure with a sharp, stylistic look, Classic was able to deliver a campaign that matched the target market perfectly in tone and aesthetics, while still delivering the important information about features, benefits and specifications in a 6-page brochure aimed at consumers.



Gaska Tape - White Papers

When Gaska Tape needed a vehicle to distribute to specifying design engineers educating them about upscale foam and adhesives, these white papers were used as direct mail, show give-aways and in conjunction with media relations work to pre-qualify high-end buyers.




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Niles - Brochures

Needing a brochure/fulfillment device to showcase everything from school systems to tourism, we created this folder containing ten topic specific brochures to promote the entire Niles area to the outside world. This device was also designed to translate easily to web.


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EverGreen Recreational Vehicles - Brochures

Eager for a new look to unite all their recreational vehicle brands, Classic created a high-end, cohesive look to brand the company. The individual brochures were distinctive to the brands and were designed with different demographics in mind.

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Lifestyle Luxury RV - Brochures

Appealing to higher-end clientle, Lifestyle was looking for an RV brochure that exuded luxury and class. The deep colors and beautiful pictures created that feeling in the Lifestyle brochures.


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Tournament Lures - Brochures

Tournament Lures needed a brochure for both consumers and sales reps in the field. This flip-chart style brochure allowed full access to the entire line of lures and sku’s with a pocket in the back to accommodate press kits or proposals.

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