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Economic Development

National Broadcast Collaboration


After a major wire release touting a start-up in 2009, Classic Communications’ client, EverGreen Recreational Vehicles LLC, received a call from the FOX News Network producers of The Mike Huckabee Show. EverGreen President, Doug Lantz and Classic President, Ron Barger, began negotiations for an on-site airing of the The Huckabee Show in Elkhart, Indiana.


Successful with their pitch to FOX Senior Producer Woody Fraser, Classic then took on the liaison role between its Client’s, EverGreen Recreational Vehicles, The EDC of Elkhart County, and All American Homes to feature these Elkhart companies in the show. Classic worked with the Huckabee Show producers to provide all the local contacts and companies featured on the show. The show aired nationally featuring EverGreen, and other Elkhart companies in a positive light at a very tough time. President Obama had declared Elkhart the, “white hot center of the great recession.” This show provided a national voice for the companies of Elkhart County to begin an economic resurgence and attract reverse investment to the region.


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