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Grand Opening and
Consolidation of Referrals
for an Orthopedics Group


After spending millions on the construction of the state-of-the-art Lakeshore Bone and Joint Institute, the 13 orthopedic surgeons investing in the facility had the challenge of consolidating their referral base under one big new roof. From general practitioners to specialist, from various regional hospitals, clinics and private practices, the referral base had to visit the new facility to fully appreciate its value.


It’s a party! With the initial branding for the clinic on place, a massive Christmas party was scheduled at the beginning of the season on Friday, December 3rd. The unique invitation, a transparent X-Ray film delivered to recipients in a brown X-Ray envelope created a buzz everywhere is was delivered. The invitation cut through the clutter of each practice where it ended up in the referring doctors hands. The event was a huge success with over 400 doctors and their husbands wives attended. Fabulous food, an open bar, personalized bottles of wine, tours of the entire facility, music and entertainment all combined to make a lasting impression of the new facility.


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