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La Mesa RV Now Offering the New Regency RV Xalta Motorhome at its Albuquerque Location

Oct 25, 2017

Fort Worth, Texas — Regency RV, builders of luxury motorhomes, a division of Wayne Davis Auto Group, announced today that it has added La Mesa RV’s Albuquerque, New Mexico location to its roster of dealers selling its new, luxury Xalta Class B Motorhomes. The coaches are built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis in Fort Worth, Texas. Dymon Farrer, national sales manager for the company said that Regency is looking for a very select group of dealers to take on its new Xalta brand, and La Mesa is a perfect fit in the Southwest.

Regency is a good company, good people, with a good product,” said Jason Kimbrell, principal of La Mesa RV. “While they are new to the RV industry, they have a long history of success in van and truck conversions. I went to visit the plant before we signed up and met the owner, Wayne Davis, who is a legend in the classic car restoration business. We were also impressed that they have a lot of long-term employees, which we also value at our own company.”

Kimbrell liked the craftsmanship he experienced at Regency’s Fort Worth facility. “There are a lot of people on the line doing custom work that they learned from restoring classic cars,” he said. “We like Regency’s high-quality woodworking, upholstery, and some of the innovative details—like how they are refinishing the Mercedes dash and steering wheel.”

Kimbrell reported he is looking for a specific buyer as a fit for the new Regency Xalta product. “Regency is a premium brand so we believe it’s going to appeal to the luxury buyer,” he said. “That is how they are positioned. There are three distinct niches in the Sprinter Class B market. You’ve got your entry-level price point buyer, your technology buyer and your luxury, prestige buyer, which is the Airstream, and we believe the Regency buyer. Regency is well-positioned to compete in that space where the customer is willing to pay a high premium for a high quality coach.”

According to the company, Regency RV coaches are not built on a conventional assembly line but rather one at a time with most components, like the handcrafted cabinetry and upholstery, crafted in-house by hand.

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