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Regency RV Luxury Class B Motorhomes Partner with Warm Waves

Aug 30, 2017

Fort Worth, Texas — Regency RV, the motorhome division of the Wayne Davis Auto Group Company, announced today that it has integrated the optional Warm Waves radiant, in-floor heating systems into its 2018 luxury Regency Xalta Class B motorhomes built on the 3500 Series Mercedes-Benz Sprinter platform. The Warm Waves radiant heating system is a heat film that provides an energy-efficient, high-quality heating solution for RVs that is safer than LP gas or conventional ducted heat. Warm waves radiant heating system costs 31 to 63 percent less to operate than traditional heating methods and is healthier for RVs because there are no harmful fumes and no ducted air vents to move dust particles. The warm waves system is the perfect, healthy heating solution for families with small children or older travelers with allergies or respiratory issues.

“We are always looking at ways to improve our Regency motorhomes for our customers,” said Dymon Farrer, national director of sales for Regency RV. “When our engineers came across the Warm Waves systems, we knew it was perfect for our ultra-luxury Xalta coaches.” Farrer went on to explain that the Regency RV Xalta was already an all-electric motorhome, super-insulated for Texas extremes and equipped with its own generator system. “So it was the perfect choice to move away from ducted heating systems.”

 Advantages to the Warm Waves System in the Regency Xalta Motorhome

·      Easily installed under any type of flooring

·      Warm Waves is completely ductless and dust free

·      Provides completely zoned heat

·      Maintenance-free – no moving parts

·      Infrared heating technology is highly efficient and effective. It does not waste energy heating

ducted air

·      Warms the floor for comfort and all objects in the room – including people!

·      Infrared heat rays distribute heat safely and evenly

·      Warm Waves provides a healthier breathing atmosphere pushing no dust, fumes or pollutants

·      Installed under flooring and completely concealed—no valuable space wasted in the coach

·      No hot surfaces to harm children or pets

·      Dramatically reduces wasted power. It allows for lower thermostat settings

·      Ceiling height does not affect the heating performance

·      Infrared rays naturally and safely prevent bacteria growth as well as eliminate mold and odors

·      Conventional heating systems on average lose between 25 and 40 percent of their efficiency in the duct work

Regency RV—Not the Biggest, But the Best.

The Wayne Davis Auto Group Company and Regency RV is a select group of highly skilled craftsmen and craftswomen who have formed a 50-year reputation restoring thousands of classic American muscle cars and exotic automobiles for the most discriminating buyers worldwide. Handcrafting motorhomes, built on the now legendary Mercedes-Benz 3500 chassis, for only the most discerning owners, the firm continues its legacy of custom quality and automotive innovation from its Forth Worth Texas headquarters. Hand building hundreds of motorhomes each year, not thousands, Regency prides itself on being the best, not the biggest. Catering to only to a select group of highest-end motorhome dealers in North America, The Wayne Davis Auto Group and Regency RV remain the leaders in quality, fit-and-finish in the Class B realm.   

Regency RV is looking for select dealers coast-to-coast to handle its new line of Regency Class B motorhomes. Contact National Sales Manager, Dymon Farrer for more information.

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