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New GunSafe Model is a Stunning Pistol-Packer

Oct 14, 2009

Arthur, ILL—In the business world, customer demand drives product design. Answering his phone one day, GunSafe owner, William Schlabach, told a prospective buyer he didn’t have what the man was looking for: a hardwood cabinet to display a pistol collection.

“But I can make you one,” Schlabach said. “Tell me what you’d like.”

The GunSafe pistol display is the newest offering from the Arthur, Ill. company that makes custom hardwood firearm cabinets by hand. The handsome, eye-catching piece allows owners to showcase their guns while keeping them safe from children and thieves.

The customer who called Schlabach was Joe Gillette from Matoon, Ill. Gillette already owned two long-gun custom GunSafe cabinets. The requested pistol display Schlabach made is 36 inches tall by 52 inches wide by 9 inches deep. The oak cabinet features standard GunSafe turnings on the face with roped crown molding and decorative trim. Attached to a wall at eye level, it safely and securely showcases 14 pistols with up to 10-inch barrel lengths on each. The cabinet weighs 95 pounds and costs $3,575.

“I absolutely love it,” said Gillette, who collects and shoots Colt handguns. “This is the first one he has ever made, and I never imagined it would be so nice.”

GunSafe artisans can make the pistol display in oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany or other hardwood of choice. Specialty designs include mission style, shaker style with flutes and diamond inlays of ebony on the turnings. Three models are now available: 7-gun, 14-gun and 21-gun.

“Most of our cabinets are built to customer specifications,” Schlabach said. “We can match furniture styles, room décor and motifs. Whether the piece is for office or den, family room or board room, we work closely with our clients to meet their exacting needs.”

Gun collector, Gabe Omo-Osagie, from Champaign, Ill. already owned two custom GunSafe cabinets when he decided to order a 21-gun pistol display in northern cherry. “It’s gorgeous,” he said. “GunSafe craftsmen are extremely precise, and I’m perfectly happy with their work.”

All pistol display cases come with a sliding door of half-inch polycarbonate, a clear, bulletproof material that will stop a .38 caliber magnum fired at close range. Only keyed entry through a pick-proof Bi-Lock system allows the door to slide left and right. Because the trigger locks are permanently mounted through the leather-lined cabinet interior, they stay in place when the pistols are removed.

The patented Bi-Lock and the individual trigger locks render the pistol display both kid-proof and crook-proof. A thief would have to remove the entire unit or destroy it to get at the valuable content.

LED strip lighting, controlled by on/off finger tapping, casts a soft, luxurious glow. For more information, including a new GunSafe brochure, contact William Schlabach at (877) 448-6723. The brochure, along with photos and more details, can be downloaded at