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GunSafe News Release ORVIS to Offer New “Signature Edition” GunSafe Cabinet

Dec 2, 2008

Arthur, ILL—GunSafe, America’s premier maker of hand-fashioned, hardwood gun cabinets, today announced an exclusive arrangement with The Orvis Company to offer a Signature Edition of its standard 12-gun model in northern cherry.

GunSafe owner William Schlabach, who started the company only five years ago in Arthur, Ill., said the Orvis deal helps secure GunSafe’s position as a top-shelf, custom maker of firearms accessories.

“Our Old World craftsmen have been quietly building one-of-a-kind hardwood cabinets for discriminating gun owners like General Norman Schwarzkoff, Jr.,” Schlabach said.

“Now, customers can order an exclusive cabinet from Orvis, one of the country’s most prestigious companies.”

The Orvis Signature Edition comes with a four-drawer base, including a pair of drawers within a steel safe. Beveled glass, finger-tap mood lighting, and special hardware are deluxe custom touches. An engraved plate containing the owner’s name or initials can be added.

The cabinet provides security from tampering or theft. Steel bars encased in handsome hardwood cladding prevent removal or disassembly. The cabinet also locks securely with a dimple key, which cannot be picked open.

The Signature Edition, which costs $6,995, is available through The Orvis Company’s Gift Catalog, mailed in late October. Or see it at

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