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Apple Orchard National Sales Team Donate $2,500 to The Indiana Breast Center

Feb 25, 2009

Local Sales Consultants of The Longaberger® Company Contribute to a Good Cause

Schererville, Ind.— Since its grand opening this past October, the Indiana Breast Center has continued to grow as a premier breast cancer-imaging center. Under the direction of Longaberger National Sales Leader, Fran Knaga, her team of local Consultants decided to donate the proceeds from their annual Breast Cancer event to their old friend, Dr. Marylyn Rosencranz. With this donation, Dr. Rosencranz plans to expand her already state-of-the-art center with more innovative equipment.

In 1995, The Longaberger Company started the Horizon of Hope campaign in association with the American Cancer Society. This campaign offers specialty “Horizon of Hope” baskets, and accessory sets for customers to purchase. With each purchase, $2 is directly donated to the American Cancer Society.

Knaga, along with her colleague and breast cancer survivor Deb Komasinski, has followed in the philanthropic steps of their mother company by organizing an annual event every fall to raise money for the cause. In 2003, Knaga and her team held a silent auction and luncheon for friends and clients in honor of Komasinski and her battle with cancer. With the addition of fund-raisers such as themed gift baskets, “Pink Bingo,” grand prize drawings, and absentee donations, this luncheon is now held annually and is attended by 200-225 women. This event gives people the chance to purchase “Horizon of Hope” baskets, listen to speakers and learn about breast cancer.

Dr. Rosencranz was the one who diagnosed Deb Komasinski back in 2002. On the subject of her doctor, Komasinski said, “Dr. Rosencranz has come back and opened up this new breast center which is just an excellent idea, focused strictly on women’s health issues. Its nice to have a doctor that is so committed to her practice.” Komasinski also stressed how important regular cancer screenings are for women. “Early detection truly was the key for me. That’s the message that we want out there for these people. So many women may think, ‘well, I don’t have it in my family.’ They just kind of bypass that part of their life to screening.”

Dr. Marylyn Rosencranz has always been very supportive of Knaga and Komasinski’s fundraising efforts in the community. She has been a special speaker at the event nearly every year due to her vast knowledge in radiology and women’s health.

Fran Knaga stated, “This past year, we asked her to speak a little bit about her new Indiana Breast Center. She shared the information of the center she was creating up here, which is an absolutely wonderful place. When everything was said and done and we had raised a little over $5,000. I said to Deb, ‘Why are we donating it all just to the general American Cancer Society? The people who support us are in our own community. Dr. Rosencranz has always supported us. Why don’t we in turn put it back into our own community? We should donate at least 50 percent of the money we’ve made to help women in our own area and our own community,’ and Deb said, ‘that’s a great idea!’”

Knaga and her colleagues then contacted Dr. Rosencranz and told her the news. “We told her we would like to make this donation to her and her new center, which is an absolutely phenomenal place. It’s just wonderful, I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Rosencranz and the work she does and how dedicated she is to women and their health. We presented her with a $2,500 check a few weeks ago and we plan to do the same thing again this year.” With continuing support from people like the consultants of The Longaberger Company, the Indiana Breast Center is bound to grow and flourish.

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