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Bludot Manufacturing to Display New Trailer Brake Systems and Services at NATM Show Feb. 11-13, in Booth 1029

Jan 14, 2020

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South Bend, Ind. – Bludot Manufacturing, North America’s preferred supplier of custom pre-packaged trailer brake systems and solutions for over 45-years, announced today that it will be displaying its new trailer brake products and services at this year’s National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) Show in Las Vegas, Nev., Feb. 11-13 in booth 1029. This is the first time Bludot Manufacturing trailer brake systems will be on display at the NATM show. Under new ownership, the company is aggressively expanding its product offerings and customer service systems.


“Bludot will be showcasing several new product offerings to distributors and OEM customers this year,” said Patrick Turley, the new president and co-owner of the firm. “Bludot has been a quality brand in the trailer brake industry for decades. We are in the process of enhancing our current high level of customer service with modernized product delivery systems to accommodate today’s fast-paced production levels. We also have some new materials and production capabilities to announce.”


Turley stated that Bludot will have its new copper nickel brake lines at the show. In many cases, the new lines offer a more affordable alternative to stainless steel brake lines while offering strong corrosion resistance. He said copper nickel lines are also DOT approved for hydraulic use.


“We are finding that the new copper nickel is easier to work with than stainless steel,” said Turley. “Although we continue to provide stainless to customers who require it, stainless can be a bit harder to work with on the assembly line due to the hardness of the material. The copper nickel is easier to bend and flare and provides tighter seals. Copper nickel is growing in popularity with our OEMs and parts distributors needing custom bending and pre-packaged, batched kits for manufacturing assembly lines and repair shops.”   


In addition to the new brake line materials at NATM, Bludot will showcase its custom bending capabilities. “We now have the capability to provide OEMs with custom bending of brake lines in an infinite array of angles and engineering specifications to meet the demands of any trailer. Ordering pre-bent tubing can dramatically improve the efficiency of the OEM manufacturing process by reducing labor and scrap while improving consistency of installation.”        


Bludot Manufacturing provides a diverse array of innovative trailer brake systems designed to meet the specifications of a wide range of trailer products and manufacturing budgets for OEM trailer manufacturers, assemblers and maintenance facilities. Each system is uniquely engineered using the highest quality custom fabrication and pre-assembled components.  


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